Robob is a robot that can be controlled trough the internet. By logging in, Robob becomes your physical avatar. Robob can be disguised as anything: a puppet on a bar chair or a hitchhiking Furby.

Robob is a telepresence project. It works by adding speech and recognizable humanoid features to a webcam. By optimizing the web interface it becomes possible to put your soul in Robob. You are Robob.

Originally it all started because websites are so boring. Visiting companies and organizations on the web is making contact with a small piece of hard-disk. It feels dusty.

The first Robob is constructed from an old stereo-tower and designed as a prototype of R2-D2. It can speak, kiss, ignite a lamp, make pictures, express emoticons and move its head to look around.

The second Robob we made is Rolbob. Rolbob is a cheap remote controlled car on which we mounted a wireless camera. Everything is hooked onto a Robob web-server. We want to implement this project in a hospital for temporally handicapped children.

In the future we would like to make a Robob network. The aim is to make it possible to see and speak to the world without travelling. We will publish a Linux startup cdrom with the Robob software. Everybody will be able to make a personal Robob with an old computer. All Robobs will be available though one portal.