1m2 Groen at the Festivak
New promomovie of the Green machine
Introduction of local money in Wageningen
Robodog at ADE
Sustainable streetlights for the new road trough the Ecommunity Ppauw
DIY Ecovillage

Sustainable stages for: Magneetfestival, klimaatparade, Climat miles and Climat games.
BIOscoop for Nederlands film festival
Installations for the Tour de france
Introduction of local money in Utrecht
Sustainable Lightart for Winterlicht
Start of my blog

Inspirational support for the campaign of Groenlinks during the european and local elections.
Supporting the Plein4plein events of Urgenda climaxing in the world wide climate march.
The start of the first mobile ecovillage

Mobile solar theatre
Street organ
Willy Wortel Workshop

Wens-tank, Delft
Energiefabriek, Eindhoven culturele hoofdstad 2018
Flowerbomb, Floriade
Robodock, Amsterdam
Welcome to the future, Oostzaan
Misteryland and Into The Great Wide Open

Green-stage, Huntenpop, Solar, Misteryland, Magneetfestival and many more...
Energiefabriek, Museum Boerhaaven, Leiden
Overal, Oerol
Solartree, KLM open
e-toys, WNF-veiling

Oerol, Terschelling
Llowlab, Lowlands, Flevopolder
Robodock, Amsterdam
Rebours, Groningen
Gogbot, Enschede
Glow, Eindhoven
STRP, Eindhoven
Trajectum lumens, Utrecht

COP15, Copenhague
Oerol, Terschelling
Autoloze zondagen, Amsterdam, Groningen, Assen, Utrecht.
Overshoot party, Amersfoort
Atompunk, Gogbot, Enschede
Polderlicht, Amsterdam
"Je kunt de pot op", festival tour, Oikos

The future of the polyclinic, Post-grad masterclass, UMC
Pedalpowered Christmas tree, Plopsaland, Belgium
Pedalpowered stage, Ontpop festival, Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam
Wall-e, demonstration, Utrecht
Steampunk, Gogbot, Enschede
The ghosts of water and fire, Schiedam
() RE | BOOT; area10medialab, London
Realsim, Simcity, Utrecht
Finalist Google innovation contest

Big Jim, STRP, Eindhoven, Lowlands, Big day out, Australia
Traptor, climatshow, NCRV dutch television
Dynamocandle, climatshow, NCRV
Earth mirror, CBK, Utrecht
Laser spider, Opening Ground2, Den Haag
Lightmachine, Polderlicht, Amsterdam
Action, Festival aan de werf, Utrecht
Big Jim & zoo, Gogbot, Enschede
Queer licht, Fusion, Germany
Bit-stage, Border control center, Robodock, Amsterdam

The elements in light, Coevorden
Living desktop, Impakt online, Utrecht
Save the world, Over het IJ festival, Amsterdam
Robodog, Nacht van het park, Schiedam
Bobcam, Robodock, Amsterdam

Robob, Impakt festival, Utrecht
Digital mirror, Cinekid, Amsterdam
Rolbob, Cinekid, Amsterdam
Alice in discoland, Light beings, Robodock, Amsterdam
Analog VJ, Kikker, Utrecht
Realdoom, Over 't ij festival, Amsterdam
Alice in discoland, Fusion, Usite Duitsland
Celestia, Melkweg, Amsterdam