Living desktop

Living desktop explores the relation between a virtual desktop and a public space. The mousepointer as an icon is physically build and placed in a public space. By logging in you can control your mouse in the real world, making a dynamic connection between a virtual network and the physical world. Research questions are: What is the relation between the virtual world and public space? Is there a desire to connect public space to a virtual network? What happens to your feeling of privacy? What can be your range of control in the virtual world on the physical world? The installation was the first materialization of this research. It was presented during the Impakt festival at the 25th of August 2006. It works like this: You log in on the website. You get a time slot of some minutes for the Living desktop. During your waiting time you can chat with other waiting people and check what's going on at the square. When it is your turn your browser will give a live fullscreen cam view. When you move your mouse on this screen the remote controlled mousepointer will try to follow your movements.