Realsim is a real person with a hidden webcam in his/her cap with two-way audio. A walking and talking webcam. Trough the internet the audience can make suggestions to this person. At the login you are asked to give your name, gender and language. You arrive at the bottom of a list of people who are waching, listening, chatting and waiting for their turn to play. At your turn you have 2 minutes in which you can make suggestions to Realsim in text at the control section. Realsim is the newest Robob made out of an Eeepc with an UMTS connection.

Realsim is about new media.
Imagine a television soap where you can log in your favorite actor/actress. With a community of fans you make his/her decisions in an interactive script. Imagine a humor channel where you can log in a fake security employer. Imagine a game show in which you have to complete missions with a group of Realsims. Why bother with transmission rights of important games and events? Sent in ten Realsims and broadcast away.

Realsim is about integrity.
Distance and networks make it easy to act without integrity. Do you really know all the implications when you buy something? With Realsim people can obscure their identity though a network, distance and behind a Realsim that interacts with an unknowing audience. It's the ultimate test of integrity.

Realsim is about the oilpeak.
This is a new way to experience the world. Why travel if you can log in a Realsim? Never been in a bar in Soho, NY? Use a local Realsim, have drink, make a friend and sent yourself a postcard. Family? Use a Realsim to bring your grandma cookies. Business? Use a Realsim to attend a meeting in China. Tzunami? Have a look, use a Realsim and give a hand.

Realsim is about new jobs.
Apply for a micro credit, buy a Realsim starters kit and let you be hired. The starters kit consists of a mobile phone with special software, extra batteries and an earplug. Your wage is paid by the people who log into you. On their credit they can buy you tickets and other stuff.

Realsim is about humanity.
Net-art is dead. Tweaking bits and bytes in dusty serverspaces is not hip. Visiting companies on the web is making contact with an outdated page on a humming hard-disk somewhere. It feels dead. In cyberspace dwells an armada of square-eyed people, desperately looking for a piece of humanity. With soar arms we are seeking information to become whole again. Turn of your computer, get real.