Sustainable stages

Eco-friendly entertainment.

We offer a broad range of materials to facilitate environmental friendly events. Below are some examples of items to rent:
- 25m2 Solar panels up to 3,5Kw. 10 Windmills up to 3Kw. 20 Bicycle generators up to 5Kw.
- Solar pre-charged batteries up to 2000Ah. Inverters for grid or battery up to 10Kw.
- Variable sensor displays for showing the actual current flow.
- Show equipment that is very power efficient. (digital sound, lasers, led light and projector)

With these ingredients you can make up games and competitions, power your own equipment, make a green-stage or completely run your festival.

Trailer-stage: multi-purpose trailer wagon with fixed solar installation made for Urgenda.

Green-tour for Florian Wolff and Femke Halsema

Offgrid transport and stage for Oerol

Mini media system for COP15 in Copenhagen

Generator for Perpetial plastic project

Green-stage for Amsterdam klezmerband